We're Still Following You

A song honoring the Nashville Civil Rights Movement and honored speaker and Civil Rights Leader Congressman John Lewis. Written for and performed at the Fifth Annual Davidson County Democratic Party Honors Dinner, Saturday August 1, 2009.

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We're Still Following You (lyrics)
(To honor Nashville's Civil Rights Leaders)

In September in 1959, in Nashville, Tennessee
He was teaching peace peacefully for all the world to see
February 13 in 1960 in Nashville, Tennessee
They go downtown and they sit in for all the world to see

Diane Nash, C.T. Vivian, God bless you
John Lewis, John Seigenthaler too
God bless James Bevel, Bernard Lafayette too
Rev. Smith and James Lawson, We're still following you
We're still following you, We're still following you

Then in March, they stand their ground
Strong and peacefully
On April 19th a bomb breaks the peace
And they march to City Hall


May 10, 1960 in Nashville, Tennessee
Black and white sit in victory, for all the world to see
August 1st, 2009 here in Nashville, Tennessee
Here we sit and celebrate. We're still following you


John Lewis. We're still following you
Diane Nash. We're still following you
We're still following you

Words and Music by John McAndrew. McAndrew Music © May 26th, 2009

The Honors Dinner Program with additional photo of John Lewis in PDF format. Click here