Entry 497

Name: Harold Long
Location: St. Louis, MO
Comments: John is awesome, very gifted, spiritual, and loving individual.

Entry 496

Name: Tom Diehl
Location: Lake Norden, SD
Comments: John- If you get this please email me at Tadiehl58@gmail.com, I'd like to catch up. We met at Maplewood group. Tom

Entry 495

Name: Tim Bates
Location: Mt.Juliet Tenn.
Comments: Johns music is sunlight to the spirit.

Entry 494

Name: Gary Holland
Location: Sundance, Utah
Comments: Love hearing your story and your message of love, hope and victory through song at the Cirque Reunion. You are a blessing to all fortunate enough to meet you and hear you speak. May God continue to bless you and your ministry. In His Care,Gary and Alethea

Entry 493

Name: Lipmon Moy
Location: Huntsville, AL
Comments: Thank you for your talent and wonderful music at Paul's installation as the rector of St. Thomas. I really enjoy meeting you too.

Entry 492

Name: Mark Schoon
Location: Black Earth, Wi
Comments: Saw John perform in Winona Minnesota years ago. Thouroughly enjoyed his music and bought his cd . Still enjoy listening to it occassionaly and wish I could see him live again. Pure talent !

Entry 491

Name: Fred Painter
Location: Claridge, PA
Comments: Do you remember me?

Entry 490

Name: Richard
Location: Parachute, CO
Comments: Miss you John. Hope all is well.

Entry 489

Name: Steve Syrmopoulos
Location: Colorado/moving to Iowa
Comments: I was at Amazon buying some CDs looked for North Country Band (no go, but I still have them on vinyl), looked for anything by brother Tim, and lo and behold there was John... better than ever! Long time, huh?!? Hope all is well with you, Steve

Entry 488

Name: Brenda Walsh
Location: Franklin, TN
Comments: Hi John,Heard you sing at a convention in Charlotte and loved your music! Thanks for your helpin getting "Carlton" to the convention :)I hope our paths cross again soon. God bless,Brenda Walsh

Entry 487

Name: Al
Location: Hermitage
Comments: Good stuff here!

Entry 486

Name: Fred Painter
Location: Leesburg , Florida
Comments: Hey John,When are you gonna produce the blues tune "baseball bus blues"?

Entry 485

Name: Fred Painter
Location: leesburg florida
Comments: Saw you performance back in 1975. Found you now.

Entry 484

Name: Tom Jaynes
Location: Woburn, MA
Comments: John - Can't believe it took us this long to find your web site. Love it, just like your music!!! Hope to see you and Nancy soon. Keep on playing. Tom and Frankie

Entry 483

Name: Robin
Location: Knoxville, TN
Comments: Someone who listened to you on Wednesday night in Knoxville brought me a copy of your CD ... for that I will be forever grateful. May God keep you in his care.

Entry 482

Name: Franny Brewer
Location: Jacksonville, Fl
Comments: Been a long time John. Always knew you would do well, you had such great talent.

Entry 481

Name: Doug Garrick
Location: Rock Springs
Comments: Hey John, Thought I'd better check in. It's been a long time since I've looked at your website. I am glad to see you're doing well. The site is terrific and I love seeing the live shots of you performing. Hi to the family! -doug and rose

Entry 480

Name: Bob Bobst
Location: St. Paul, MN
Comments: Thought I'd send a message of "hi" from St. Paul. Sure you don't remember me but I worked next door to you when you were at the vacuum shop on Maryland Ave. in St. Paul. I worked at the cleaners/laundormat! I'll never forget you sitting in at the bar on Larpenteur and White Bear Ave (Garrety's?) doing an impromptu "White Boys Ain't Got No Soul!" Glad to see you've been so successful in music!

Entry 479

Name: Jennifer
Location: Canton, MI
Comments: Just watched "Little Red Wagon" with my family and loved your songs...

Entry 478

Name: Kurt P Kalland
Comments: Thanking The Almighty for you John all the best kurt

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