Press Release - John McAndrew's long awaited new CD "I Am Home" was released by Vines Records April 30th, 2011. On "I Am Home" John takes us on a Spiritual and Musical Journey, singing about his experiences in this life. From the Darkness to the Light, it is about Healing, Transformation, and finding Love. On this new CD, players from the Nashville Symphony plus several of Nashville's finest musicians ( including Country Music Hall of Fame inductee Charlie McCoy) make this a special recording. Check out: FanClubVideo for John's weekly webisodes, updates, CD's, merchandise and soon to be released live Concert DVD.

"John McAndrew reminds me of the early days of Billy Joel, when people sat at the piano bar, putting bread into his jar, saying, "man, what are you doin' here?!"- He is simply great at the piano, and has a voice that can light you up."
Billy Powell, Keyboard Player, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee

"The greatest artists are those whose lives are their art. John IS his music - honest, tender, tough. Always an echo of the heartbeat of life. All of John's music arises out of that heartbeat. If he sings about it, it is because people have lived it. More than anything else, John's music is life, listening to itself."
Earnie Larsen, Author/Motivational Speaker

"A profoundly talented man on a mission, with a message of hope and restoration, empathy and soulful energy, John McAndrew offers his heart and art with amazing skill... in word and voice... a great gift for these troubling days. I Am Home is a wonderful body of work...all the way through. Makes me proud to know him."
Terry Kirkman, writer of hit song "Cherish", founding member of the Association

John performs regularly at English Mountain
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